FILM – 12 Hour Script, Shoot & Edit at Sunderland Uni

We have just completed our first ever “hackumentary” at Sunderland University.  In 12 hours.  What could go wrong!

Based at the Fab Lab at Sunderland University, the Creative Fuse North East team recently hosted a “Creative Hack for Digital Make Believers”, which was essentially a 12 hour event for members of the public to explore their creativity around four major themes; Digital Empowerment, Play and Pretence, Cyber Hygiene, Fostering Community.

The idea was that teams could use the extensive prototyping facilities at the Fab Lab to bring to life their ideas, all in a race against the clock.

So far so good you might think.   Well, yes, that is until you consider our role on the day.  We had 12 hours to script, shoot, edit and deliver a documentary of the day which would be screened at 20:30.

Working a crew of 3, director, camera op and editor, we tried to simplify the day as far as possible by breaking it down into its natural stages.  This meant we could stagger the delivery of rushes to our editor.  We kept all interviews as simple as possible, based on a narrative structure which we’d sketched out at the beginning of the day.  Coverage was also key, so we made sue that A-Cam (Canon C300 mk II) was picking plenty of b-roll, we used a Go-Pro on an egg timer for panning time-lapse shots to create a sense of the day progressing, and then the trusty DJI Osmo to give those fluid, moving shots.

We also setup one of our Mac Pro edit suites (in a corridor!), along with a 4K display.

This was definitely an interesting project to work on and all in all the day went well, with the teams creating some great concepts and we did deliver the film.  With half an hour to spare!

Take a look at the film below, and some photos from the shoot:



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