FILM – Owls from “PREY”

Selection of rushes from “PREY”

During production of “PREY”, our short film on rare birds of prey in the Northumberland National Park, we filmed over the course of three days at the amazing Falconry Days facility in Simonburn near Hexham.

The finished film however was only around 90 seconds in duration which of course meant lots of film on the cutting room floor.  Well, in reality more like lots of R3D’s on a hard drive, but you get the idea!

Not wanting the rushes to go to waste, we put together this short edit with some of our favourite Owls.  I mean come on, who doesn’t like an Owl!!

Watch the original “PREY” film here.

Find out more about Falconry Days here.

Find out more about the Northumberland National Park here.

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