FILM – “WALL” 20 Minutes With a Drone at Hadrian’s Wall

When the light is right, Hadrian’s Wall is one our favourite places to film.

We’re lucky that our studio is just a 20 minute drive from one of the most scenic parts of the historic Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland.  As such, it’s one of our favourite spots for a hike around and to blow the cobwebs away.  On a recent visit this month, and after a dusting of snow, we took the drone along to see how things looked.

We had a great walk along past Sycamore Gap but the light was very flat and uninteresting so the drone stayed put.  After a beer and a bowl of chips in the nearby Twice Brewed pub however, the light changed for the better with the onset of dusk.  It was more of a “golden half hour” than “golden hour” but we only needed one battery and about 20 minutes of flight tim with the DJI Phantom 4 to capture some lovely footage in beautiful wintry conditions.

Find out more about Hadrian’s Wall here.

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