Coffee Crowd Community

Xanobia, a leading global brand agency, commissioned us to produce a series of films, which looked into the Millennial Generation and their relationship with coffee.


The films were produced for one of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers whose name we can’t mention, although we’re sure you’ll have drank their products.


Xanobia facilitated the entire process over four weeks and created a Coffee Crowd Community whereby a select group of Millenial’s from all over the country were invited to take part in an evolutionary adventure to ideate on the future of coffee. Over the four weeks, they explored ideas in branding, the role coffee played in their lives, what coffee could do for the world and what their future for coffee might look like.


The story we captured was multi-faceted. We wanted to capture some of the core ideas in branding, attributes of the millennial generation and students’ thoughts on the future of coffee. Shooting all our interviews down the lens gave the films a more personal feel, but we also chose to shoot the interviews with the rest of the community working in the background. We wanted to capture the students’ individual ideas on the future of coffee without drawing them out of the world of the community.


At the end of the project we travelled down to London as part of the Xanobia team to present the work to the coffee supplier. The client was delighted with the project Xanobia delivered and our finished films were an integral part of communicating the story and its complex themes.


Technically, we executed the films with a variety of different cameras, all with different strengths. We shot interviews on the trusted Canon C300, cinematic b-roll on BlackMagic’s Cinema Camera, we used Go-Pros on gimbals, a Panasonic GH4 on a DJI Ronin stabiliser and some good old 5D3’s.


Due to NDA’s on the content we cannot show the final films, but you can view a selection of screen-grabs and behind the scenes photos below.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-21-at-14.45Screen-Shot-2015-04-21-at-14.46-CROP CROP CCC-CROP 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 Screen-Shot-2015-04-21-at-14.47-CROP