Lacoste Chaussures

“Life is a beautiful sport”

As part of our working relationship with Pentland Brands PLC, we were commissioned to produce all of Lacoste Chaussures annual review video content.

The content took the form of three films which were delivered to staff at the company’s annual reviews in London and Paris, and also delivered online across eight territories and localised into five languages.

The primary film was an interview based narrative piece in which we interviewed senior staff members, including the Brand President, about many aspects of the company’s performance over the last 12 months and also targets for the coming year across all major regions.

The second film was a brand montage that combined all major campaign work imagery produced by Lacoste in 2014, combined with an on-screen narrative which explained key business milestones for the year.

The last film we produced featured staff from all major international offices delivering their individual performance information. The content for this edit was “user generated” by staff who used iPad’s to capture their messages. We advised on how staff should approach filming from a technical point of view which ensured consistency.

All three films were produced in accordance with Lacoste’s firmly established brand identity and were excellently received at both the live events and via the online delivery.

We can’t show the films due to NDA’s on the content and information but we will be posting some stills form the videos below soon.  If you would like any further information about this project and how we approached creatively and technically then please do get in touch.