Advance Northumberland

Content series for a regional development agency


Advance Northumberland is a government funded, regional development agency focused on increasing prosperity, quality of life and business activity in Northumberland.

We were commissioned to produce a series of films profiling a variety of businesses in the region, all of whom have been supported by Advance Northumberland through one of their growth initiatives.


We worked closely with the Advance Northumberland marketing teams to identify businesses to take part and design a format for the films to ensure consistency across the series.

The initiatives that the businesses received support through were the Rural Business Growth Service and the Business Northumberland Growth Service.

Filming took place over a number of months throughout Northumberland, from Holy Island on the North East coast to Hadrian’s Wallin the south of the county.

Each film outlined the business and their operations, the support they received and the impact it made to the business as well as the region more broadly.



We produced a series of 10 profile films across the 2 growth services as well as a number of overarching films looking at the initiatives as a whole.

The content was key in generating interest across the region and will also be used as supporting material to assist with future funding bids.


10 x profile films 

3 x initiative films 

Drone photography