The Apollo Tribute

Online series produced for Kielder Observatory in association with Space Fest


This film is the trailer for our series of interview films produced in association with the Kielder Observatory at Spacefest VI, which was held in Pasadena California.

The series features Gary Fildes (founder of the Kielder Observatory) interviewing a selection of NASA astronauts and personnel who were all involved with the Apollo missions.

In-House Films and the Kielder Observatory respectfully dedicates this series to the hundreds of thousands of people who made the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs possible, and to those who gave their lives in pursuit of mankind’s greatest dream…

Whilst 12 brave people got to set foot on the Moon itself, it was with the combined efforts of so many that the giant leap for mankind was made possible.


1 x 03:00 minute promo

8 x 10:00 short form films

The series can be viewed at